My name is John Quarto-vonTivadar. Together with my partners Bryan & Jeffrey Eisenberg, I invented Persuasion Architecture, a framework for persuading people to take the action you want, which is currently in wide use on the internet and a bevy of other marketing mediums.

Here’s a link to my full resume, updated through 2018.

I was Chief Scientist and CTO at our firm, FutureNow, for over a decade. We took the company public a few years ago and today that company is independently run using software and concepts based directly on our original ideas. Several other companies have done the same.

The Software-as-a-Service products we originated at FutureNow were conceptualized by me, Bryan and Jeffrey, and I was principally responsible for the architecture, development, and scaling of the initial software as well as the intellectual property research, development and codification upon which the products are based.

I am currently active with several clients as a data scientist helping them to optimize their marketing and technology efforts online, increase conversion, and back up those efforts up with hard, evidence-based facts through hypothesis-testing and experimentation. I’ve also do a lot of data science work with predictive analytics, recommendation engines, text mining, and statistical modeling.

I’m also a co-founder of Tenavox, a commerical real estate tenant-property matching (uh, “dating”?) service, and separately, an original shareholder of RealMassive, a commercial real estate listing service, both based in Austin Texas; Both these startups are indicative of my life-long interest in geo-centric visualization and maps.

In 2008 my fourth book, “Always Be Testing“, with co-author Bryan Eisenberg, became a best-seller and brought actionable, scientific testing techniques described in plain English to the hands of ordinary marketers and business owners. We’ve helped literally hundreds of companies over the past dozen years and I know I can do the same for you, both in an advisory as well as partnering role. If you already have the hard-copy edition, let me share with you this free PDF version of “Always Be Testing” (approx 12.4 Mb.).

I’m currently (2018) working on a new book, “Data Science Concepts for Business People”. Hmm, now that’s kinda a boring title!; by the time I’m finished, I’ll have jazzed it up.

I’ve also been a featured speaker at dozens of marketing, conversion optimization, data science, predictive analytics, ruby on rails and other technology conferences. In fact, that picture of me to the left is from a keynote I gave at a conference in Tokyo, Japan. (Fortunately, they allowed me to speak in English, a welcome respite after a 14 hour flight!).

Perhaps because of my previous careers first as a scientist at NASA and later as a commodities trader in Chicago (funny coat and all), I have a particular knack for explaining complicated things in a way that ordinary people can understand and benefit from. Though I do find it somewhat ironic that I cannot explain why I’m able to explain so well!  If you feel you’d like to engage me to speak at your upcoming event, contact me privately (speakjohnspeak – at – I may be able to accommodate you by presenting in English, French, German or Italian, depending on the topic, your level of translation support, and your audience’s proclivity towards giggling. I’m also available if you need guidance in getting your data science, Python, or Ruby on Rails SaaS start-up off the ground.

Personally, I’m an avid swing dancer, political junkie, foodie, history buff, and deep-thinker. Talk to me privately if you’d like to learn more on those fronts.

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